Dental Service ‘I didn’t smile before you fixed my teeth’

Date published

05 May 2020

RFDS Victoria's Mobile Dental Care program brings the dentist to small Victorian rural communities.

Poor oral health can lead to serious health complications and, in some parts of Victoria, it is the second leading cause of preventable hospital admissions. Distance, and the ability to get to and from appointments, can be one of the main barriers for people to go to the dentist.

Jamieson local Claire* used Flying Doctor Dental earlier this year and says that dental services provided in the local area saves a lot of time in the car.

“I’ve been seeing the Flying Doctor Dental team for a few years now. I saw them in Jamieson, and then I went into the mobile dental truck in Mansfield for treatment.

“Because of this service it’s only a half an hour into town which is great. Otherwise it would be over an hour to go into Benalla, which means roughly a three hour round trip. I just love it.”

Claire says the team were “delightful”, and remembered her from previous visits.

“They couldn’t have been nicer. They were polite, they were kind, they were gentle, they were thorough. I couldn’t speak highly enough of them – and I don’t say that lightly. It’s a brilliant service.”

Tracey Muston, RFDS Dental Assistant, agrees with Claire and says that her colleagues are one of the reasons she enjoys her role with RFDS so much.

“The health professionals in our team are great, the camaraderie with patients and their families makes my job very rewarding.

“There's something about stepping back and being part of an isolated community that is truly humbling. It's a wonderful opportunity to grow and get to know diverse individuals.

“Seeing the smile it brings to patients and the changes to their lives is heart-warming. We often hear ‘I didn't smile before you fixed my teeth’.”

Flying Doctor Dental is run in partnership between RFDS Victoria, Dental Health Services Victoria and the Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch.

*Named changed at client request