COVID-19 Emergency Appeal

Date published

02 Apr 2020

The COVID-19 virus could be the greatest challenge of a generation.

Right now, our medical teams are in desperate need of emergency supplies to help tackle the pandemic.

Your gift towards the COVID-19 Emergency Appeal will be put to use immediately, helping with the cost of:

  • Personal protective equipment like gloves, masks and disinfectant – you can imagine how many of these items we will use in the coming weeks and months
  • Respiratory support equipment to stabilise patients in an emergency
  • Keeping us in the air and on the road, transporting COVID-19 patients and anyone who needs the Flying Doctor
  • A disinfectant fog machine to quickly and effectively clean our air and road vehicles to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Thank you for supporting our Doctors, Nurses, Pilots, Patient Transport Crews and the communities we serve.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service encourages you to follow public health advice to help contain the spread of the virus and keep you and your loved ones safe.