Flying Doctor Kids Club

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The Royal Flying Doctor Service has its very own Flying Doctor Kids Club, and we'd love to welcome you onboard.

Children between 5 – 12 years old are invited to join and parents can read all the terms and conditions here.

This FREE to join postal club features birthday card greetings, regular newsletters and activities to provide children with an insight into the important work that the Flying Doctors does throughout Australia.

Members of the Flying Doctor Kids Club will receive annual birthday cards from our Kids Club mascot Flynn the Flyer, and regular newsletters featuring history, health and geography brain teasers, fun facts and a chance to learn about Aussie kids in remote communities.

Kids Club 20202

Edition 9, Summer 2020

G ’day there! I’ve found a new superpower – it’s called mindfulness and it makes me strong. My Flying Doctor mates have told me that mindfulness means being present in the moment, feeling calm and focussed.  When we’re mindful we can enjoy the world around us and let go of worries. Check out these ripper folks and cool tools to help you unlock your superpower too. 


Flynn the Flyer

Front cover spring

Edition 8, Spring 2019

G ’day there!

It’s great to be flying back into your letterbox with all the latest Flying Doctor kids’ news. Thanks for my high-flying fan club letters and artwork. In this edition, you’ll hear from a couple of my mates who volunteer and fund raise for the Flying Doctor.  I love learning what the Flying Doctor means to others! Everybody needs a little help, and our Flying Doctor helpers make a big difference.

Let’s check in on the news and views of other Aussies.


Flynn the Flyer.