When young lives hang in the balance

Date published

13 Jan 2020

It was the 14th of July and Kelly-Anne was seven months pregnant with her twin girls, Zoe and Nicole. 

Everything had been progressing well, when suddenly she started bleeding.

“There was so much blood, I couldn’t stop it. It was so scary.”

Zoe and Nicole are fraternal twins, each with their own amniotic sac. Zoe’s sac had ruptured prematurely.

Without immediate specialist medical care, all three of their lives were at risk.

Kelly-Anne was shocked and scared. But despite her fear, she clearly remembers the Flying Doctor crew that flew her from Rockhampton down to Brisbane:

“I have to say a huge thank you to the nurse and the pilot that helped me that day. I was terrified, but they put me at ease. They were really friendly and let me know I could ask any questions.”

Because of your support, our team had the equipment and the expertise necessary to get Kelly-Anne and her unborn babies to hospital safely.

Zoe and Nicole on board an RFDS aircraft

Nicole and Zoe were born two weeks later and spent the first 74 days of their lives in hospital before they were strong enough to go home.

Thanks to you and the support of the Brisbane Airport Corporation, whose ongoing commitment to the Flying Doctor has allowed RFDS to land more than 25,000 priority flights at the airport over the last 10 years, Kelly-Anne and her daughters had the best possible care on that frightening day in July.

"Your generous support saved the lives of my two beautiful daughters, Nicole and Zoe. Because of you, they are thriving, and we are all safely back home and enjoying life as a family. Thank you!"