Two children are pictured holding an RFDS teddy bear, learning about wellbeing strategies.

Teddy bears help teach healthy habits to little locals across Mount Isa

Date published

20 Oct 2022

RFDS teams up with the Western Queensland Primary Health Network (WQPHN) to support ConnectedLE’s Teddy Bear Care Program.

“Germs are yuck!” That was a key takeaway for the children aged 5-11 years in Mount Isa taking part in ConnectedLE’s latest program to help kids understand the importance of healthy habits.

In support of the initiative, RFDS donated customised teddy bears for the young children of Mount Isa to care for as part of a workshop teaching them how to keep viruses at bay.

The play-based approach was an innovative way to engage children on virus prevention and wellbeing strategies, designed to help prevent community spread of viruses such as Covid-19 across the local community.

ConnectedLE is the brainchild of two very passionate health professionals , Dr Kylie Armstrong and Nicole Evans, which utilises the power of storytelling to build mental health and wellbeing capabilities in communities via both online and in person training workshops. 

Dr Kylie Armstrong, who is also the Executive Manager of Planning and Health Intelligence at WQPHN, said that the teddy bears were an integral part of the children’s healthy habits program delivery. 

“Showing children how to care for the bears inherently teaches them how to care for themselves and you can see from the joy how much they are engaged in the learning. Their little faces lit up as soon as they realised not only were they going to play with them, but also keep them,” Dr Armstrong said. 

ConnectedLE Co-Founders Dr Kylie Armstrong and Nicole Evans shared extremely heartwarming feedback from the children. 

“Some of the children went so far as saying it was the best day of my life; my teddy bear is my new best friend and; I promise to look after my teddy bear.

It was just adorable - and exactly the message we wanted to land with the children, as this will foster long term learning that supports self care for their own mental health and overall wellbeing,” Dr Armstrong said.

RFDS (Queensland Section) Chief Executive Officer, Meredith Staib, said the Flying Doctor was thrilled to support the important role of health education for children in communities all across Queensland.

“The RFDS is proud to collaborate with WQPHN and ConnectedLE to teach children all about proper handwashing, vaccinations, and living a healthy life,” Staib said.

For more information on ConnectLE and the work they do across Queensland communities, visit 

You can also purchase your own RFDS Teddy at The Doc Shop, where profits are redirected back to Flying Doctor operations.