RFDS satisfaction surveys

Date published

07 Nov 2019

Every year, RFDS Victoria’s Primary Health division conducts a Client Experience Survey and a Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey.

The purpose of these surveys is to proactively seek feedback and continue to improve and refine as that feedback comes through.

Our stakeholder survey, which had 58 responses submitted, gave us an overall satisfaction score of 4.63 out of 5, the overall standard of care provided by RFDS received a 4.74 out of 5,  91% of respondents found RFDS to be very responsive or responsive to their needs and, most impressively, our net promoter score was 83.

Our client experience survey yielded 200 responses, with 86% of respondents rating their overall health and wellbeing as good, very good or excellent, 96% said that access to our service had improved their health and wellbeing, and the average rating of the quality of service clients received was 4.89 out of 5.

Clients and stakeholders identified the continued need to focus on communication, consideration regarding increased availability and accessibility of service, and the ongoing need to work collaboratively to ensure services are integrated within the community.

Dr Melanie Trivett, General Manager, Primary Health Care RFDS Victoria, says that the surveys provide a great opportunity to strategically inform the direction of service.

“These surveys are an invaluable resource to us,” she explains. “They help us identify gaps in service and trends that inform our priorities for the next financial year. It’s always beneficial to hear how clients and other stakeholders think we are doing; it helps us design better services.”

Thank you to all our stakeholders and clients who took part.

Please note that in 2018-19, the client experience survey for community transport was conducted as a separate survey due to the ethics approved evaluation being conducted with Swinburne University.