New aircraft

New aircraft means more healthcare to more people

Date published

27 Aug 2018
New Beechcraft Kingair 350 destined for service at the RFDS

Aeroplanes are both a practical necessity and a magical part of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. So when a new aeroplane joins the team it is cause for celebration. This year there was even more reason to rejoice with four new aircraft joining our growing fleet!

With the healthcare needs of outback people an ever present concern for the RFDS, it was with great pride that it took delivery of four new aircraft this year.

The new aircraft would play a major role in helping us to take more healthcare to more people in rural and remote areas of Australia.

RFDS South Eastern Section General Manager of Aviation and Strategic Development David Charlton said: “To deliver four new aircraft like this is an exciting moment for the RFDS.”

“It’s a significant sign of how our service is responding to demand,” he said.

“People living in the outback need access to healthcare more than ever, and by taking on new aircraft, the RFDS is planning for the future to ensure we are well equipped to deliver the best services we can to more people.”

The new four new Beechcraft King Air B350s were destined for service as Flying Doctor clinic and emergency retrieval transport at the Broken Hill and Dubbo bases, in NSW.

Being relatively small propeller planes, they were flown from Wichita, in the US, where Beechcraft manufacturers the aircraft, to NSW in stages. They were due to arrive by Christmas.

Two of the new aircraft would have a multi-purpose role with the RFDS, to be used for emergency retrievals and primary healthcare clinics. The other two aircraft would be used as primary health clinic transport. All four would be split between Broken Hill and Dubbo bases.

New RFDS aircraft