Ruth Sandow

A message from RFDS South Eastern President Ruth Sandow

Date published

23 Jan 2020
Ruth Sandow

Welcome to the first Flyer of the new decade!

2020 is upon us and the opportunities to grow healthcare services in the more remote parts of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (South Eastern Section) network continue. We are focused on expanding the reach and diversity of health services we deliver. 

For example, over the next few months, a significant focus will be on the opening of three new clinics for Innamincka, Louth and Tilpa. These clinics are made possible due to the wonderful support of a very generous donor and when fully operational will bring more comprehensive care to these communities, helping them to prevent and manage ill-health. We look forward to updating you on progress throughout the year. 

This year we will also be focussing on developing fast and reliable internet connectivity in all clinics, reducing the isolation experienced in those locations. This will expand on the work we have done connecting Hungerford to the NBN through our technology partner, Activ8me. The program began in December and will be continued throughout the year to greatly improve the capacity of our teams in remote areas to provide the best healthcare possible. 

In Broken Hill, thanks to the wonderful support of the Broken Hill Women’s Auxiliary and the Silver City Bush Treadlers, we will launch a new Wellbeing Centre. The centre is part of our Mental Health strategy and will be a unique, welcoming, inspiring and client-centred place for mental health connection, counselling, intervention and activity for families from Broken Hill and beyond. 

It is largely because of your ongoing support that we are able to deliver more healthcare options to more people who need it across the South Eastern Section. As always it is very much appreciated and we thank you so very much. 

Ruth Sandow

President, RFDS SE Section