Professor David Lyle President, Royal Flying Doctor Service (South Eastern Section)

Message from our President

Date published

24 Oct 2022

The Royal Flying Doctor Service was founded by the Rev. John Flynn in 1928 to provide care to people in rural and remote areas.

Even the earliest efforts of the Flying Doctor made a life-saving difference to people located a great distance from a doctor.

For all that has changed in the last 94 years, (and a tremendous amount of change has taken place) the tyranny of distance means the need for the Flying Doctor is as great as ever.

In the early years of the Australian Inland Mission Message from our President > Aerial Medical Service (as the RFDS was then known), the focus was on emergency retrievals.

A pilot and a doctor would fly out and treat or transport them to where they could receive help.

Aeromedical Retrievals are still a critical service for the Flying Doctor today, as is the focus on providing primary healthcare and keeping people healthy so they don’t require emergency help.

Our aim continues Rev. Flynn’s desire for a “mantle of safety”, but we are now able to deliver it in a much more comprehensive way.

In this edition of The Flyer, there is the amazing story of a young opal miner James Caruana, who needed the Flying Doctor in 2021 after breaking his leg after falling from a steer at the White Cliffs gymkhana and rodeo.

After being transported to Broken Hill for treatment and undergoing months of recovery, James took part in the City2Surf this year wearing his full opal mining equipment, raising money for the RFDS in the process.

We’re introduced to an incredible young man Jack Feher, who at the age of 12 decided he wanted to be a pilot for the Flying Doctor. He was inspired by the fantastic stories on display at the RFDS Visitor Experience at Dubbo and was inspired to work towards being an RFDS pilot as a career.

He continues to be in touch with our pilots and is working towards his dream. We watch his progress with excitement.

We review some big events that took place around Broken Hill recently that support our work including the wonderful efforts of our Silver City Bush Treadlers and the amazing Mundi Mundi Bash.

It is a reminder of the incredible support we receive, from organisations and individuals, and we appreciate the support and passion people like you have towards bringing healthcare to rural, regional and remote Australia.

Professor David Lyle President, Royal Flying Doctor Service (South Eastern Section)