Meet Maddison

Date published

13 Nov 2019

When Maddison was just four, she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called rhabdomyosarcoma. Since then, Maddison has endured 31 doses of radiation, 14 cycles of chemotherapy and 11 blood transfusions.  Maddison has suffered so many life-threatening complications from her treatments that she’s had to fly with the Flying Doctor on five separate occasions.

Every year, more than 400 people need the urgent help of the Flying Doctor after suffering serious cancer-treatment complications – among them young children like Maddison.

Sudden and severe infections are a particular risk for cancer patients as a result of treatments that compromise the immune system. Even everyday illnesses like flu and the common cold can be life-threatening for children like Maddison while they undergo chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Which is why our aeromedical teams will be ready to 24/7, with enough medical consumables on board our aircraft to keep Maddison and every one of our patients throughout Queensland safe.