Keeping Queensland's mums safe

Date published

13 Jan 2020

“I saved some of my pocket money for you to use when other people get hurt like my mum.” 

So ends the beautiful letter we recently received from 8-year-old Brielle Bowen, one of our youngest supporters.

Letter from Brielle
Tineasha in hospital with Brielle

In 2016 Brielle’s mum, Tineasha, suffered a bad accident on her motorbike. 

The force of the fall was enough to shatter part of the shinbone in her left leg. 

An ambulance took Tineasha straight to Emerald where our Flying Doctor crew were already waiting to fly her directly to hospital in Rockhampton.

Despite being in shock, Tineasha clearly recalls the care she received from our staff:

“I am ever so thankful to the staff on my flight for making me as comfortable as possible and keeping me calm and safe. They really are a unique breed of human beings.”

Tineasha remained in hospital for two weeks. The injury was so severe that she needed three permanent plates and 11 permanent screws to stabilise her left leg.

Rehabilitation was tough and slow, but 12 months later, Tineasha was up and walking. 

But she is all too aware of how different things could have been:

“I know that rural communities like mine would be lost without the Flying Doctor.” 

Tineasha has become a member of our Support Crew, our monthly giving program, to ensure the Flying Doctor is always there when someone like her needs us.

"Thank you to all the Support Crew members and supporters of the Flying Doctor. I know from personal experience what a fantastic cause this is. Your support could possibly save you or someone you care about."