Lexie in hospital

A catastrophic accident that changed Lexie's life forever

Date published

26 Apr 2018

One minute Lexie was chatting happily to her boyfriend after a hard day’s work pounding fence posts into the ground in the middle of the Outback. Next minute she suffered a catastrophic accident that changed her life forever.


Two of Lexie’s fingers were severed, remaining attached only by flaps of skin. Another was degloved, leaving muscle and bone exposed. Her injuries were extremely severe and intensely painful. 

And because Lexie’s accident occurred in one of the remotest spots in Australia, she might well have gone on to lose her life were it not for the superb first aid she received from her colleagues, and the prompt response of the Mount Isa aeromedical team that flew her to safety. 

Keeping our Outback bases stocked with first-responder equipment is vital. Because accidents happen when you least expect them – and they care not one bit how far from the nearest hospital you happen to be.

Zoll battery
Hamilton T1 Ventilator

Our Outback bases in Cairns, Charleville and Mount Isa are in urgent need of new emergency equipment, including ventilators, blood analysers and battery chargers for our defibrillators. Please help us pay for this vital medical equipment that our aeromedical teams depend on to keep us safe, no matter where we live, work or travel.

Lexie and Frank
Lexie and her family
Lexie getting therapy