Student placements

Bethany Frith_Ride Along Program

The RFDS highly values and supports the training and education of health professionals who will serve isolated Australians for years to come.

For undergraduate medical, nursing and allied health students interested in working in rural and isolated areas RFDS Central Operations offers:

  • The RFDS Ride-Along Program where students can spend a weekend 'on-shift' with aeromedical crews at Adelaide and Port Augusta bases
  • Electives for medical and nursing students take part in regular GP clinic visits or aeromedical evacuations from Port Augusta Base
  • Final-year dental students a chance to take part in a two-day Remote Oral Health Program clinic in a remote community

The RFDS Central Operations offers a highly successful student placement program which provides many unique opportunities for nursing and medical students to work alongside, and learn, from highly trained and experienced professionals in their chosen field. The student programs range from a weekend ride-along experience for student nurses studying in South Australia, to a longer placement for medical students at out Port Augusta Base.

During the placement, every effort is made to provide the student with valuable experiences and insights into rural and remote health care, and the uniqueness of the aeromedical environment, which will help develop and refine their skills and broaden their knowledge. In turn, the RFDS expects students to be enthusiastic, committed, keen to learn, and interested in developing their career with the RFDS.

The aim of the student placement is to prepare students for their entry into the workforce. Participating in one of our student placement programs is a great way to learn more about the practical aspects of your degree and to discover the benefits of working for one of Australia's most respected not for profit organisations - the RFDS is the leading provider of aero-medical services in Australia.

Due to high demand from Australian students, where preference is given to those studying in South Australia and the Northern Territory, we are unable to accommodate overseas students.