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Your gift to the future

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01 Sep 2023

Did you know it was a gift in Will that enabled our first Flying Doctor aircraft, the Victory, to take that first flight on 17th May 1928?  

After seeing the daily struggle of people living in the outback, Reverend John Flynn had a vision to provide a ‘mantle of safety’ for the people of the bush.   

The Royal Flying Doctor Service in Queensland is built on Flynn’s vision, but it was a gift left in the Will of Flynn’s friend, Hugh McKay, that enabled Flynn to lease our very first Flying Doctor aircraft that took to the air in 1928.

For almost 100 years gifts in Wills have supported our service and today still play a major role in our life-saving work.

John EDM

Each year, these special gifts to the RFDS Foundation, enable us to purchase new aircraft, invest in key infrastructure including our bases and support the purchase of essential medical equipment and upgrades.   

For Queensland resident, John Goodland, including a gift in his Will to the RFDS was a natural extension of his support for a service that has played an important part in his life:   

“I’ve had first-class treatment on my two flights with the Flying Doctor. It's unfortunate to have an accident, but it does make you aware of what a wonderful service the RFDS is, especially for those of us who live in rural and remote areas. I’ve included a gift in my Will and I’d strongly recommend others to do it. It will save lives.”


Taking care of your family and loved ones always comes first, yet a residual gift of just 1% of your estate can make an extraordinary impact. 

For Prudence, including a gift in her Will was an impactful and easy way to extend her support. 

If you would like to know more about including a life-saving gift in your Will to support the Flying Doctor in Queensland, you can download our Gift in Will Guide here.   

Alternatively, you can contact our experienced team members; Michela Everett, on (07) 3541 4312 or by email at or Heather Stott, on (07) 3852 7586 or by email at for a confidential discussion.

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