Hayden and Tara

A father’s special bond

Date published

03 Sep 2023

Being a father means many things, but for RFDS (Queensland Section) Aeromedical Nurse Practitioner Hayden Wilson, being a role model for his daughters is at the top of the list.

With two daughters, Poppy and Maggie, Father’s Day is a special day for Hayden, especially with the extra special bond he shares, having put his midwifery skills to the test when delivering his second daughter Maggie at home two years ago.

Hayden and wife Tara, who is also a RFDS (Queensland Section) Flight Nurse, still reminisce on the special moment they got to share with their family.

Hayden daughters

“Although it most certainly wasn't planned, there is something so very special about helping to bring one of your own children into the world,” he said.

“It's an extra special connection I share with Maggie.

“We often reflect on what was a very excitable morning! We were lucky to have Tara's parents staying with us at the time, so it's turned into a fond memory for Tara's family as well.”

Hayden said Maggie has grown up into a caring little girl, something both he and Tara are very proud of.  

“Maggie has grown into a beautiful soul,” Hayden said.

“She is very cheeky yet so maternal and we often call her ‘Mumma Maggie’ as she loves to care for her babies and animals in a sweet and doting way.

Hayden has always had a passion for nursing but becoming a father has changed his perspective on his role.

on tarmac

“If anything, it certainly makes me more confident and comfortable caring for our smallest patients,” Hayden said.

“It provides me with a deeper understanding of parental feelings and concerns when their children are unwell. 

“We often see people in their worst moments or suffering from terminal diagnoses - you enjoy the cuddles when you get home and walk through the door after a hard shift.”

While both girls are still young, they understand that Mum and Dad must go on the plane and help people.

“The girls both know that mummy and daddy work on the plane and they frequently associate the red shirt going on means we are off to work to ‘help people’,” he said.

Family photo

"We are also lucky to live under one of the flight paths in Rockhampton, and they get great excitement out of watching the planes come in, especially if they know we are onboard.”

Hayden said he is looking forward to spending Father’s Day with his girls.

“My girls love to spoil me which is lovely,” he said.

“I love the artwork I get from kindy and day-care; it holds a special place on my desk and bedside table.

“We usually have a nice dinner or go to the beach and just enjoy some family time together.”