Alysia Cawthorn

Graphic: Alysia Cawthorn

What happened when a drunk 15 year old got behind the wheel?

Date published

27 Sep 2022
#54 Alysia Cawthorn in hospital

Flying Doctor Podcast #54:

Alysia Cawthorn was 15 when she had gone out with her sister and friend on a late Friday night in North West Tasmania. Despite being under the influence of alcohol, and having no licence to drive, Alysia jumped into the driver's seat. Just a short while later she lost control of the vehicle and it violently rolled, throwing her sister and friend from the car. 

Alysia who had also not been wearing a seatbelt, went through the driver's side window and had her entire torso crushed and severely cut with the remaining glass. 

Her parents were told there was a 1% chance of survival.

In this podcast, Alysia reflects on how her life was saved, the trauma journey over the last 12 years, her recovery, and lessons learned.

Warning: This podcast is not for the faint-of-heart and discretion is needed as the detail could be triggering or upsetting.

Alysia learning to walk

Alysia's recovery has been a long and slow one.

Alysia talks bluntly about her lessons learned, and reflecting on how her actions as a 15 year old have impacted her life so heavily over the last decade.