Viva Energy Partnership Launch

Graphic: Viva Energy Partnership Launch

Viva Energy keeping the Flying Doctor in the air and on the ground

Date published

24 Mar 2023

Today in Adelaide the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) and Viva Energy announced an exciting new fuel supply partnership, bringing together two iconic Australian organisations with a long history of helping people get safely to their destinations.

RFDS & Viva Partnership Launch

The new partnership will see Viva Energy become the national fuel supply partner of the RFDS, supplying fuel for RFDS aircraft as well as on-the-ground transport.

Viva Energy supplies about a quarter of Australia’s fuel requirements and is the only domestic manufacturer of Aviation gasoline (Avgas) – a critical fuel used by RFDS in transporting patients from remote regional locations to the healthcare they need.

Frank Quinlan with Scott

“We want to thank Viva Energy for this opportunity,” said Frank Quinlan, Federation Executive Director of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia. “As a direct result of the fuel that Viva Energy manufactures and supplies, the Flying Doctor will be able to provide continued health service access to those needing it – both in the air and on the ground.”

RFDS and Viva in Adelaide

Viva Energy CEO Scott Wyatt said the partnership is based on shared values and vision and the mutual focus on providing critical aviation services to Australia’s rural and most remote areas.

“We are incredibly proud to manufacture and supply the fuel critical to the services that the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia delivers,” Mr Wyatt said. 

“Both organisations have long proud histories in Australia – with RFDS servicing rural and remote patient care for over 90 years and the business we operate providing the fuels needed by Australian industries for more than 120 years.”

The RFDS and Viva will be in partnership to make a meaningful impact in the lives of Australians in rural and remote communities by improving access to vital health services. To find out more about Viva Energy Australia, visit Viva Energy Australia.