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Plane on the highway, dress, shopping, and passing on words of wisdom

Date published

29 Mar 2023
Leanne Liddle as Police Officer

Flying Doctor Podcast #66:

Leanne Liddle is a board member of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in South Australia and Northern Territory, an Arrernte woman born and raised in Alice Springs, Australia. 

She has academic qualifications in environmental science, law, and management, and has served in various senior public service roles. 

She's worked on the international circuit for the United Nations with Stintz in Geneva, New York, and Paris with UNESCO and as a director for Bush Heritage Australia. 

Liddle was also the first Aboriginal policewoman in South Australia, where she worked for 11 years. 

Apart from this, Leanne has published scientific papers on the importance of integrating Aboriginal science into landscapes and is currently the director of the justice unit in the department of the Attorney General and Justice in the Northern Territory. 

Leanne Liddle with Cousins

This episode sheds light on her personal experiences growing up in a traditional country, and how those experiences have shaped her values and principles and also speaks about the influence of and the impact of racism on her upbringing.

The podcast highlights the importance of intelligence beyond just academic degrees and instead emphasizes the significance of one's experiences and how one treats others. 

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Leanne discusses how witnessing her parents and grandparents deal with issues of racism in Alice Springs inspired her to become a change agent and ensure that their experiences were not lost in history.

She highlights the importance of respecting and treating people properly, and how this can lead to a better future for all. Listen to this eye-opening podcast where Leanne also talks about her father's experience with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.