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Date published

30 Jun 2023

It is NAIDOC week! A week to celebrate and learn about the rich diversity of First Nations peoples, cultures and stories. 

This year the theme is "For our Elders" and it acknowledges and celebrates Elders and the role they play as cultural knowledge holders, trailblazers, nurturers, advocates, teachers, survivors and leaders. 

We at the RFDS pay our respects to Elders across Australia and we recognise the wisdom and cultural knowledge they hold. We understand the importance of their guidance and leadership within their communities and when it comes to delivering culturally safe healthcare, promoting health and well-being and fostering community resilience. 

NAIDOC week is an important time to acknowledge and recognise our First Nations staff, partners and community members and to recognise their unique skills and wealth of knowledge that they provide to our organisation. 

We encouarge everyone to get involved in local NAIDOC events

Cory Paulson

We asked RFDS South Eastern staff member Cory Paulson what this theme means to him and he said "It means everything to me". 

He says "Our Elders are the connectors to knowledge and history.... They are the ones that showed us the way, they are the ones that shared culture with us''

For Our Elders NAIDOC Banner