podcast interview

It was too late to get to hospital, and the baby was in breech

Date published

26 Feb 2023

As a local registered nurse in Whitecliffs, Sam has a unique understanding of the needs of the community. His typical day involves making appointments, checking blood results, liaising with the RFDS doctors, and conducting house calls.

Sam on his vehicle

The Royal Flying Doctor Service relies on local communities and health services, and this podcast really talks to the closeness of those relationships.

Sam’s job is both rewarding and challenging, as he needs to have the theoretical knowledge to cover a wide range of medical issues.

One such challenge was the case of a heavily pregnant Aboriginal lady who arrived at the hospital too late to be taken to the nearest hospital. It was Sam’s first time delivering a baby, but with the help of the RFDS midwife he was able to make sure that the birth went smoothly.

Listen to the full podcast interview here.