Peter Woolford stroke victim story

How did they find and save Peter when he suffered a crippling stroke?

Date published

23 Jun 2022

On arriving on his remote island property, Peter Woolford became acutely unwell and collapsed with a stroke,  paralysed on the kitchen floor and unable to reach the landline to call for help.

Series 5 of The Flying Doctor podcast has launched with a heartfelt and scary story from the Woolford family, who own a remote island in the Great Australian Bight in South Australia.

Peter Woolford was not understanding the severity of his condition when he started to feel really unwell after he landed his light plane on his remote island property, Flinders Island.  Peter and his adult sons Jonas and Tobin join the host Lana Mitchell to walk through the events that changed Peter's life.

This story highlights the strength and humour of people on the land, as they talk about what happened when their dad did not call in to say he had safely arrived on the island, and did not respond to a ringing landline all night, as he lay on the kitchen floor, paralysed.