The Flying Doctor Podcast soars high

The Flying Doctor Podcast Soars high

Date published

18 May 2022

The Flying Doctor podcast has been discovered by the Australian public, with over 120,000 downloads since we launched in March. Find out what buzz is about!

The Flying Doctor Podcast

The rural and remote communities that the RFDS services are made of strong and often courageous individuals. They don’t enjoy the close proximity of health services that people in metro areas enjoy, and they work shoulder-to-shoulder with the RFDS to act as first responders, clear and light dirt runways, oversee RFDS medical chests and much, much more.

Hosted by Lana Mitchell of the Royal Flying Doctor Service, this podcast series received a bronze award at The Australian Podcast Awards in November 2021 and has had more than 120,000 downloads to date.

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The purpose of ‘The Flying Doctor’ podcast is to give insight into the challenges that exist for those that live, work and travel in the bush. In this series, we talk to real patients, their families and also to RFDS staff who have had to tackle scary and unexpected situations.

We are currently recording and releasing Series 4, with 36 episodes released to date - all different, all unique and true stories of patients, staff and community.

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