Episode 63

Family holiday plans changed quickly when 7-year-old Mia stumbled by the campfire...

Date published

17 Mar 2023
Mia's hand

Flying Doctor Podcast #48:

A couple of years ago, Kayla and her husband decided to take a family road trip from New South Whales to the Western Australia Coastline to give an opportunity to their children to have an outside-of-class experience. 

One hour north of Geraldton and 4.5 km north of Horrocks lies the Little Bay, one of the best lesser-known day trip and camping sites in WA.

This is when the 7-year-old Mia was waiting for her mum to cook dinner and was standing too close by the fire. In a flash, Kayla hears a scream "Mum, I put my hand in the oil",  realising Mia had lost her balance to prevent herself from falling into the fire and had put her hand into a pot that was sitting on top of the coals.

Listen to Mia's story of her triumph over the pain caused by the burns and her road to recovery.