Bush Summit 2022

Newscorp to be a proud sponsor of the upcoming RFDS strategic research series

Date published

26 Aug 2022
Bush Summit 2022_Frank and Anothony Albanese & The Daily Telegraph Editor Ben

At the Daily Telegraph Bush Summit held today in Griffith, NSW, Ben English, the Daily Telegraph Editor and Chief, announced that Newscorp is proud to be sponsoring the upcoming RFDS strategic research series entitled ‘Best for the Bush’, in alignment with the Daily Telegraph Bush Summit purpose, to bring attention to the issues and opportunities facing rural and regional Australia.

‘Best for the Bush’ will be identifying key geographical locations where health service provision gaps exist, and making whole-of-industry recommendations to improve health outcomes for those who live in rural and remote Australia.

This report series will draw on publicly available data including the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing (AIHW), Australian Bureau of Statics, Health Direct and the Public Health Information Development Unit (PHIDU), which will be layered and compared using the RFDS bespoke Strategic Planning and Operational Tool and RFDS aeromedical retrieval and clinic data.  

Combined – this research will bring the big picture health issues to the fore, and will also include a deep-dive focus report into heart, stroke and cardiovascular disease – the top reason for aeromedical retrievals and the biggest killer in Australia.

Image Credits - Jonathan Ng

Ben English - Daily Telegraph

Newscorp will donate $50K to the RFDS for the research project, and $50K in–kind across Newscorp mastheads, as part of their commitment to the bush and its people.

“We are really excited to have the support of Newscorp on this strategic and land-mark health research series”, said Frank Quinlan, Federation Executive Director of RFDS Australia.“This sponsorship will assist with better health cohesion, cooperation and support across industry and governments, to address the poorer health outcomes in the bush. 

Every Australian should expect reasonable access to primary healthcare services and through this report series, the Daily Telegraph Bush Summit and RFDS are working to ensure this is the case throughout all corners of our country."

Image Credits - Daily Telegraph