RFDS in Jericho - Night retrieval

Graphic: RFDS in Jericho - Night retrieval

A beloved daughter disturbs an intruder and is shot at point-blank range

Date published

12 May 2022
Jericho Queensland

Flying Doctor Podcast #36:

Sammy based on her property in Jericho off the Capricorn Highway in Queensland was cooking Spaghetti Bolognese at around 6 pm, waiting for her fiancé to come home when she heard a noise outside. 

Thinking it was her fiancé, Sammy went through the house and headed towards her front door when she was shot without warning by an unknown intruder.

“She was shot just above the belly button at point-blank range. She was shot with a 22 rifle with a hollow point shell. In one way she was lucky,” said Sammy's mother Lesley De Vandellas.

The bullet caused catastrophic damage, with the hollow tip bursting and lacerating both her lungs, pancreas, liver, spleen, both bowels, and stomach.

By the time her fiancé arrived the intruder was gone, and Sammy was face down on the cold hard floor.

Listen to the episode below with Sammy’s mother, Lesley who recalls the incident for the Flying Doctor Podcast. 

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