AirBP Donates Much-Needed N95 Masks to the Flying Doctor

Date published

22 Apr 2020
AirBP Staff Refuel an RFDS aircraft

AirBP has been a national service partner for the RFDS over the past three years, working closely together across rural and remote Australia. AirBP helps keep the Flying Doctor flying by fueling our aircraft across Australia and sponsoring our organisation nationally to continue our service.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, AirBP have gone over and above their partnership agreement and have today, donated 35,000 N95 masks to the RFDS PPE stockpile.

RFDS staff member in full PPE

We cannot thank AirBP enough for this much-needed gift. N95 masks are crucial to keeping our frontline staff safe. Across the country the RFDS have already transported 159 COVID-19 patients and we expect to continue transporting these patients in coming months. We welcome this generosity as it will ensure our staff will be fully protected as they continue to provide the finest care for rural and remote Australians. We cannot thank AirBP enough for once again, keeping the Flying Doctor flying.