Activ8 the Night - Connectivity in Collarenebri

Date published

30 May 2019

Collarenebri airstrip is the first activation of new ground station hubs provided by Activ8me to ‘light up’ previous connectivity ‘black spots’ in rural and remote Australia.

Ground Station Hub surrounded by children from the local school

The Partnership

The new technology partnership is ensuring the RFDS remains at the forefront of innovation.

The RFDS operates over vast distances, harsh landscapes and in far from ideal conditions, which necessitates resilience, resourcefulness, innovation and a continual striving for excellence. The new partnership with Activ8me is promising to provide technology solutions for key issues the RFDS faces in its line of work in remote areas.

Ground Station Hub

Activ8me will be installing NBN ground stations to remote airstrips frequented by the RFDS that were previously ‘black spots’. The ground station at Collarenebri is the first of a number of identified airstrips around the country that will benefit. These will serve as weather/navigational aids and provide WIFI, emergency phone access and external lighting for airstrips. This will reduce challenging landing conditions for RFDS pilots who previously had to rely on weather reports from hundreds of km’s away.

Excited school children in front of RFDS plane

History of Innovation Continued

The RFDS has a long history of bringing connectivity to the bush. In 1927, Alfred Traeger invented the pedal radio, which allowed people living in remote areas to contact the Flying Doctor in medical emergencies. Further, it provided a communication channel to reduce isolation for people living in the bush and was vital in the establishment of the school of the air.  

The RFDS are looking forward to many innovative outcomes as a result of the new partnership.

RFDS Dental Van and Activ8me truck parked out Pub in Collarenebri

Activ8 the Night - Partnership Launch

The partnership was launched and celebrated in Collarenebri on the 21st of May. The RFDS and Activ8me would like to thank the local community who joined them in celebrating.