Leanne was a fit and active beach goer - until an asthma attack took her breath away

#99 Leanne was struggling to breathe before she lost consciousness

Date published

10 Jul 2024
Leanne's asthma attack quickly developed into a near-fatal medical emergency

What should have been a relaxing road trip home from Perth with her brand new campervan in tow, instead became a nightmare for Exmouth's Leanne Schofield, after a severe asthma attack escalated into a medical emergency. In Episode #99 of the Flying Doctor podcast, Leanne describes the frightening road trip home, as her breathing became more laboured and her symptoms worsened. 

Until her near-fatal asthma attack in early 2024, Leanne had only ever considered herself as a 'mild asthmatic', with 'no real symptoms or issues. But after having to be airlifted by the RFDS to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth for specialist ICU respiratory care, she wants other asthma sufferers to 'always be alert to your symptoms'.

Leanne now takes her Ventolin, asthma preventer and a small medical kit wherever she goes

Thankfully, Leanne has now made a full recovery - but she also now ensure that she carries a medical kit and ventolin where she goes. Her husband Darren, who recounts in this episode of the Flying Doctor podcast just how close he came to 'losing Leanne', also hopes that everyone gains more awareness and understanding of just how serious a medical condition asthma can be.

Leanne says her take home message is, "if the Ventolin isn’t working, you’re in trouble and you need to seek medical assistance. Don’t be complacent or delay and don't just think your asthma will resolve itself. This was the worst experience I’ve ever had.”