Murray Collins has been a passionate motorcross and motor trail competitor for most of his adult life

#98 Murray began bleeding out internally, after he hit the handlebars of his motorcross bike

Date published

04 Jul 2024
Childhood sweethearts Murray and Julie Collins have been married for over 30 years.

Childhood sweethearts, Murray and Julie Collins, have been together for over thirty years. 

And throughout their time together, they have shared an unusual passion - for the adrenalin charged sport of motorcross racing. 

But back in 2003, the wheels very nearly came off Murray's motorcross adventures, when a random miscalculation mid-race almost cost him his life. 

In Episode #98 of the Flying Doctor podcast, Murray and Julie recount the day when an inter-club motorcross race at Longreach ended up with Murray being airlifted by the RFDS, suffering from major internal bleeding. 

Murray Collins still races motorcross, even after his near-fatal accident in 2003

The sport of Motorcross combines high speed and jostling for a position on the track, with the challenge of obstacles. 

There's even an obstacle section known as a 'whoops' - which is basically a series of continuous bumps that racers can ride over, as fast as they like. 

On the day of his accident, Murray recalls taking the 'whoops' with confidence - as he was in the leading pack of racers! But after hitting the handlebars of his bike at high speed, Murray quickly realised he had 'really done something'. Murray had ruptured his mesenteric artery and began severely bleeding into his abdomen.

Murray and Julie's daughter, Keira, is now a highly successful motorcross competitor in her own right.

Despite Murray's accident, both Murray and Julie still race motorcross competitively and their teenage daughter Keira is also now a successful national competitor in her own right.

The family regularly enjoys both club and inter-club competitions together - and thankfully, without any further accidents between them.