Judy Treloar's grandsons on the farm

#94 Judy found her young grandson lying 'flat and unresponsive' in the hallway

Date published

06 Jun 2024
Judy Treloar family muster

In this episode of The Flying Doctor Podcast, we delve into the life of Judy, an incredibly resilient woman who has spent decades living on a remote property in rural Australia. Judy shares her journey from growing up in Brisbane to becoming a nurse and eventually moving to a 72,000-hectare property near Charleville after marrying her husband, Michael.

Judy recounts the significant cultural shift she experienced moving from the city to an isolated property, especially during a five-year drought. She talks about the challenges of raising a family in such a remote location, including the use of the RFDS medical chest and the impact of major floods in the Charleville region.

Judy Treloar flood waters

One of the most gripping parts of our conversation is when Judy describes an emergency situation involving her grandson, Xander. She had to think quickly and act like a nurse rather than a grandmother when he was knocked unconscious. The situation was further complicated by wet conditions that prevented the RFDS plane from landing, but fortunately, a friend with a helicopter came to their rescue.

Judy also discusses her involvement with the Isolated Children's and Parents Association (ICPA) and the importance of the School of the Air for her children's education. She highlights the critical role the RFDS plays in providing medical support to remote communities, ensuring that health and education are accessible even in the most isolated areas

Judy Treloar's grandsons on the farm

This episode is a testament to the strength and adaptability of those living in rural and remote Australia and underscores the vital role of the Royal Flying Doctor Service in their lives. 

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