paige hetherington and her boys

#92 Losing weight, eternally thirsty and feeling strange

Date published

24 May 2024

Paige is a young mum, living in a remote station in the centre of Queensland. When Paige started to have an unquenchable thirst she did not realise the severity of her health situation.

From wrangling cane toads with her toddler to patching up station staff and family members with the RFDS medical chest, no two days are the same on Paige Schmidt’s remote cattle station in central Queensland. 

It’s hard enough juggling a young family and all the work and daily challenges involved in running an outback property.

paige hetherington and her family

But when young mum, Paige, was unexpectedly diagnosed with both Type 1 diabetes and coeliac disease in just a few short months, her rural life was turned completely upside down.

She mentions moments of feeling close to death due to severe hypoglycemia, highlighting the fragility of health and the sudden impact it can have on one's life. 

These experiences have led her to appreciate the vitality and well-being that good health brings.

In this inspirational #92 episode of the Flying Doctor podcast, we hear how Paige and her family have learned to not only survive – but to thrive –  as they adapt to their new gluten-free and diabetic friendly country life.

Her advice to others facing similar health challenges is to adapt and manage their conditions without letting them dictate their lifestyle.

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