Carol with the sunset

#91 Station boss Carol's helicopter hit the power line and hit the ground

Date published

16 May 2024
Carol in the Helicopter

On a freezing Queensland morning in July 2011, Tinnenburra Pastoral boss Carol Godfrey was warming up her helicopter for a morning muster. 

Just minutes later, she was being pulled from the wreck of her helicopter, after hitting nearby power lines.

This accident left her with severe injuries, but her spirit remained unbroken. 

She discusses the crucial role of the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) in her rescue and recovery, highlighting the importance of this service in remote areas.

Carol in a Helicopter with Lindsay

Carol's story is one of resilience and determination. 

She recounts her experiences growing up in the bush, her early education, and the challenges she faced, including being diagnosed with dyslexia. 

Despite these hurdles, Carol's practical skills flourished, from operating machinery to flying helicopters.

From battling boarding school bullies to learning to fly, falling in love and becoming the boss of a busy outback station in south-west Queensland, Carol’s life story is the ultimate outback yarn.

Carol Hero Shot

In this inspirational Episode #91 of the Flying Doctor podcast, you’ll hear how despite shattering both her collar bones and nearly losing her left arm in the accident, this remarkable rural woman is still flying, still farming and still running her station!