Dr Mardi on Airstrip Remote region

#78 Australia, to the USA, to Kenya and back home again

Date published

03 Jan 2024
Dr Mardi Steere in Cockpit

Flying Doctor Podcast Episode #78

The latest episode of The Flying Doctor Podcast features an interview with Dr. Mardi Steere, the Executive General Manager of Medical & Retrieval Services for South Australia and the Northern Territory at the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). 

Dr. Steere shares her journey from studying medicine to working in Kenya and eventually returning to Australia to join the RFDS.

Dr Mardi in Kenya

Dr. Steere's passion for serving rural and remote communities is evident throughout the interview. 

She discusses the importance of strong healthcare systems and the need to bridge the gap between metropolitan and regional areas. 

One of the key projects she is involved in is the development of portable brain scanners to diagnose strokes in remote areas. 

This innovation could significantly improve the treatment outcomes for stroke patients by reducing the time it takes to receive medical intervention.

Dr Mardi RFDS Plane

The podcast also highlights the unique culture and camaraderie within the RFDS. Dr. Steere emphasises the importance of teamwork and support, both within the organization and for the patients they serve. 

The RFDS is known for its long-serving staff, who are dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare to underserved populations.

The Flying Doctor Podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about life in rural and remote communities and the vital role that the RFDS plays in providing healthcare services. 

It offers a unique perspective on the challenges and rewards of working in these areas and highlights the incredible work being done by healthcare professionals like Dr. Mardi Steere. 

Listen to this inspiring episode today!