Katrina Starmer

#77 Dr Katrina Starmer tells how she was inspired to become a Flying Doctor

Date published

21 Dec 2023
 Dr. Katrina Starmer

Flying Doctor Podcast Episode #77

In this new episode, we interview Katrina Starmer, an emergency physician and GP with the RFDS. 

Katrina shares her fascinating journey from growing up in Townsville to fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a part of the RFDS.

Her experiences working in emergency medicine and as a GP in remote areas have shaped her perspective and inspired her to make a difference in the lives of young people.

 Dr. Katrina Starmer

One of Katrina's notable contributions is her presentation called "Survive 25," which aims to educate and empower young people to make informed choices and avoid unnecessary risks.

Through real-life stories and personal experiences, Katrina engages with students, highlighting the importance of responsible decision-making and the potential consequences of misadventure.

 Dr. Katrina Starmer

The Flying Doctor Podcast also explores the innovative use of telehealth services by the RFDS. 

With a statewide telehealth service, the RFDS provides medical advice and support to remote communities, ensuring access to quality healthcare.

This technology-driven approach is part of the RFDS's ongoing commitment to improving health outcomes for those living in rural and remote areas.

Paramedics Car in WA

The podcast series is a testament to the RFDS's dedication to serving communities and promoting resilience. 

Through the power of storytelling, the Flying Doctor Podcast showcases the incredible work of the RFDS and the inspiring individuals who contribute to its mission