Stephen Peacocke

#76 Stephen Peacocke reflects on playing 'flight nurse Pete' in 'RFDS

Date published

14 Dec 2023
Stephen Peacocke

In a riveting episode of the #FlyingDoctorPodcast, actor Stephen Peacock peels back the layers of his life and career, offering listeners an intimate glimpse into his rural upbringing, the profound connection he shares with the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) an his fear of snakes! 

Hosted by Lana Mitchell, this episode transcends the boundaries of traditional interviews, seamlessly blending entertainment with advocacy. 

As the acclaimed Flight Nurse Pete in a popular TV drama inspired by the RFDS, Peacock weaves a narrative that not only captivates but also sheds light on the essential work carried out by the RFDS in remote and rural Australia

Stephen Peacocke

Curious about the man behind the character? Eager to uncover the real-life stories that inspired the gripping TV drama? Look no further. In this episode, Stephen Peacock takes you on a journey from his rural roots in Dubbo, New South Wales, to the challenges and joys of boarding school life in Bathurst.

But it's more than just an actor's taleā€”it's a celebration of the RFDS and the unsung heroes providing critical medical assistance to communities far and wide. By tuning in, you're not just accessing behind-the-scenes anecdotes; you're becoming part of a conversation that amplifies the RFDS mission.

Stephen Peacocke RFDS

Listen to Stephen Peacock's revelations, the host's engaging questions, and the echoes of the outback as they unfold in this special episode. Don't miss out on a chance to be entertained, informed, and inspired.

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