Ian Meadows with Wife and Child

Graphic: Ian Meadows with Wife and Child

#75 Interview with renowned Australian actor and writer Ian Meadows

Date published

08 Dec 2023
Ian Meadows Single Shot

Flying Doctor Podcast #75:

In our new episode, we have offered an exclusive sneak peek into the highly anticipated Series 3 of the RFDS TV drama through a captivating podcast episode. 

In this insightful discussion, writer, co-creator, and co-producer Ian Meadows engages in a revealing conversation with Lana Mitchell, offering listeners a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the creation of the show and the challenges faced in maintaining authenticity.

Ian Meadows with wife Ash Ricardo and Child

The podcast starts with a chat about why storytelling is important. Ian, who grew up in a small town with a doctor dad, explains how his personal connection to rural life shapes the show. 

He shares how they work hard to tell the stories of the real people helped by the RFDS.


As the podcast wraps up, you'll be super pumped for Series 3. 

This sneak peek gives you a taste of the thrilling and heartwarming stories coming your way. 

With a promise of realness, exciting plots, and unexpected turns, the RFDS TV drama keeps you entertained while highlighting the important work of the RFDS.


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