Juliette McAleer

#74 The song was a gift to her children, in case they lose her

Date published

30 Nov 2023
Juliet McAleer in hospital

Flying Doctor Podcast #74:

Juliette McAleer, a survivor of a life-threatening medical condition, shares her inspiring journey of resilience and recovery. 

After experiencing severe abdominal pain, Juliette underwent multiple surgeries and was transported by the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) several times. 

Her medical condition resulted in the loss of most of her small bowel, leading to challenges with nutrition and eating.

Juliet for O2O2

Determined to make a difference, Juliet participated in the Oceans to Outback challenge, a fundraising campaign for the RFDS. 

Her team, named "The Great Gutsby," aimed to complete the equivalent distance of their flights from Harvey Bay to Brisbane. 

Juliett'es personal target was 231 kilometers, representing the distance of one flight. Despite the physical and psychological challenges she faced, Juliette successfully completed her target and raised awareness and funds for the RFDS

Juliette's running achievements, including winning races and participating in endurance events, serve as a powerful reminder that the human spirit can triumph over adversity.

Juliet with the tube

Juliette's journey also highlighted the immense support she received from her family. 

David, her partner, went above and beyond, becoming an honorary stoma nurse and ensuring her stoma bag was changed correctly. 

Her children, too, showed incredible strength, stepping up to support each other and their mother during her hospital stays. 

Their unwavering love and resilience were instrumental in Juliet's healing process.

Juliet for a marathon

As Juliette continues her journey of healing, she remains grateful for the support she has received and the opportunities that lie ahead. 

Her story is a reminder that life may throw unexpected challenges our way, but with determination and the support of loved ones, we can overcome even the most daunting obstacles.

To listen to Juliette's incredible story in her own words, tune in to The Flying Doctor Podcast episode featuring her journey!