Jason with his son Harrison

Graphic: Jason with his son Harrison

#73 A toddler wasn't breathing well and was shades of white and blue

Date published

23 Nov 2023
Harrison solo photo

Flying Doctor Podcast #73:

In this recent episode of The Flying Doctor Podcast, Jason shared a harrowing experience he and his wife, Julie, went through when their toddler, Harrison, had a medical emergency in the remote town of Jabiru, Northern Territory, in 2008. 

The ordeal began when Julie picked up Harrison from childcare and noticed his labored breathing. 

Concerned, she took him to the local clinic, where the doctor immediately recognised the severity of the situation. Harrison's breathing worsened, and the doctor quickly contacted the RFDS for assistance.

Jason with his son Harrison

Realizing the urgency of the situation, the doctor contacted the RFDS for assistance. 

However, due to the distance and a storm approaching the area, the RFDS plane had to reroute from Alice Springs back to Jabiru. The storm loomed closer as the plane made its descent, causing a tense race against time.

Jason's wife Julie

The challenges didn't end with the storm or the flight to Darwin's hospital; there's a compelling tale of resilience, collaboration, and the enduring impact of emergency medical services in remote communities.

Curious to know what unfolded next in this remarkable story? Delve deeper into the narrative to understand the pivotal role the RFDS played in saving this toddler's life