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New experience and new territories for RFDS

13 Oct 2021

Find out why shearing sheds, hotels and sporting grounds have played such a big role in the work of the Flying Doctor during 2021.

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New aircraft

New aircraft means more healthcare to more people

27 Aug 2018

Aeroplanes are both a practical necessity and a magical part of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. So when a new aeroplane joins the team it is cause for celebration. This year there was even more reason to rejoice with four new aircraft joining our growing fleet!

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Aaron the dog

All about Aaron

23 Aug 2018

As the unofficial mascot, Fly Dog Aaron loves being part of the RFDS!

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Farmer Kerry

Drought isn’t just about rain

22 Aug 2018

Please donate to the Royal Flying Doctor Service to help our farmers through the drought.

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Dubbo Support Group

Centenary grant supports kids’ dental health

09 Aug 2018

The help of the Commonwealth Bank and the Dubbo Support Group is hugely valued as it allows us to push ahead and continue to improve the dental health of people living in and around Bourke...

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Vintage aircraft takes off at Dubbo

First flight remembered with Great Pilgrimage

09 Aug 2018

While this year’s Great Pilgrimage had a strong historical focus, it was also about anticipating the next 90 years. The RFDS is just as relevant today as it was in 1928...

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Alfred Traeger

90 Years of Development and Innovation

09 Aug 2018

The Reverend John Flynn set up the Royal Flying Doctor Service and commissioned inventor Alfred Traeger to develop a pedal radio

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Rachel Saunders

The Fun of the Outback Car Trek

08 Aug 2018

Holiday time is scarce, but you sacrifice it to raise money for the RFDS," said Rachel Saunders who took part in this year's Outback Car Trek...

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Accidents aren’t ever part of the plan

04 Jun 2018

Please donate to the Royal Flying Doctor Service to ensure there's a plan for when accidents happen.

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