Your support keeps the Flying Doctor in the air

Your support keeps the Flying Doctor in the air

Date published

17 Oct 2022

You make it possible for us to deliver the best healthcare to some of the most remote communities of Australia, as well as being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to perform emergency retrievals.

People in the outback know that when they are in trouble, we will be there for them. It’s been that way for 94 years and it is only possible with people like you standing beside us.

A total of 81 people were evacuated in emergency situations in 2021/22, while 6,206 non-emergency patient transfers were carried out to and from hospitals.

At a time when many organisations were working out how to keep operating, we grew the number of communities we were visiting to provide primary health care. Our doctors and nurses conducted 838 clinics, seeing 7,231 patients and visited a number of clinics for the first time. We also expanded our telehealth capabilities to complement our face-to-face services.

Our dental services, which operate from Broken Hill and Dubbo, travel to remote communities using our specialist dental van. In 2021/22 we conducted 665 clinics across 31 locations. This involved 3,775 patient visits. Our dental team members have also been supported to enhance their skills with training programs, such as the Indigenous Dental Assistant Traineeship.

Demand for mental health services has grown through the pandemic, exacerbated by challenges such as social isolation and financial stress. In addition to 3,411 face-to-face consultations, there were 4,616 telehealth sessions. This capacity will increase further with a Mental Health Teleheath mobile van due to hit the road soon.

All of this was possible due to your generous support. With you alongside us, we are able to innovate, grow and adapt to meet the changing needs of the communities we serve.