Aeromedical retrieval NSW & ACT

Our aeromedical crews evacuate injured people from emergency situations in regional, rural and remote areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Each aircraft they travel on is fitted out to be a critical-care medical unit. The specialist aeromedical team includes a pilot, flight nurse and sometimes a doctor as well, depending on the situation. Doctors are trained in critical-care and midwifery. Our flight nurses are all qualified midwives with a critical-care background.

Medical issues requiring emergency evacuation include motor vehicle and motorbike accidents, broken bones, heart attacks and strokes, sudden and severe chest pain, respiratory failures and snake bites.

Picture of Fiona and her family

Remote Rescue Stories

"You have to plan more if you're on a station," says Fiona. "I have to leave and go to Broken Hill when I'm four weeks from giving birth. They say to leave three weeks beforehand, but both my kids were early so I'm going four weeks out!"

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​No fish, but quite a story for Gerald

"I was relieved when the Flying Doctor got here," says Mia. "You can go through what you've learned in training and hang in there, but once the Flying Doctor gets here it's a huge relief!"

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RFDS to the rescue – twice!

"I played netball and everyone just thought I'd pulled a muscle in my back," explains Natalie. "But it went on for months and months and just got worse ...

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