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Our story started with a gift in a Will.

At the Royal Flying Doctor Service (South Eastern Section), we have a sincere appreciation for those who have made the big-hearted decision to leave a gift in their Will to us. In 1928, our founder Rev. John Flynn, was able to make his vision of a revolutionary aeromedical service come to life thanks to a gift in a Will from his dear friend, Hugh McKay. Nearly 100 years later, Hugh’s generosity lives on saving countless lives and helping rural, regional, and remote communities across Australia.

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Your impact will reach the furthest corners of outback Australia

Your support will help us ensure that every Australian, regardless of location, has access to our lifesaving medical services and specialist care, including dental, mental health, and chronic disease management. Our devoted frontline teams work tirelessly 24/7 to assist around 50,000 patients each year, stretching across the furthest corners of NSW and ACT. Your impactful gift, no matter the size, can help us plan with confidence and overcome barriers to ensure that no patient is out of our reach.

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Become an Outback Guardian

When you commit a gift in your Will to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (South Eastern Section), you will become an exclusive member of our Outback Guardian community.

To learn more about the benefits of joining our most valued and visionary society of supporters, please get in touch with Cristina Caamano via or call mobile:
0448 280 193 or enquiries: 02 9941 8888

How to leave a gift in your Will

Step 1: Find a gift that best suits your needs

When it comes time to organise your Will, your loved ones will naturally be first in your thoughts. Once you have considered your options, a gift in your Will to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (South Eastern Section) will have an extraordinary impact on the lives of men, women and children living, working or travelling in remote Australia for generations to come.

Types of gifts
There are many ways you can include us in your Will. Two of the easiest options to leave a gift are:

  • A Residual Gift
    Leaving a percentage or whole of your remaining (residue) estate after all provisions have been made for your loved ones and expenses have been paid. This is a practical way to give that also accounts for inflation and does not decrease in value over time.
  • A Percentage
    A percentage of your whole estate is flexible way to give, as you do not have to adjust the value of your gift to account for inflation, or changes to your total assets.
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Step 2: Suggested wording for your Will

We encourage you to seek professional legal advice when planning or amending your Will.

Please note, it is essential that our organisation’s full name and ABN is included in your wording to ensure that your gift will have the greatest impact for the rural, regional and remote communities we support across the furthest corners of NSW and ACT. Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (SE Section) ABN 86 000 032 422, GPO Box 3537 SYDNEY NSW 2001.

Suggested wording for types of gifts:

  • A Residual Gift:
    “I give to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (South Eastern Section) ABN 86 000 032 422, GPO Box 3537 SYDNEY NSW 2001, for its general purposes, free of all duties, (the whole OR .....%) of the residue of my Estate including lapsed devises and bequests...”
  • A Percentage Gift:
    “I give to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (South Eastern Section) ABN 86 000 032 422, GPO Box 3537 SYDNEY NSW 2001, for its general purposes, free of all duties per cent (…..%) of the residue of my Estate...”
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Step 3: Speak to your loved ones about your decision.

To help ensure that your wishes are honoured in the way that you have intended, we recommend letting your loved ones know that leaving a gift to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (South Eastern Section) is a decision very near to your heart. It is also important to advise any executors or legal guardians you have appointed of these wishes. We would also greatly appreciate if you could let us know once your gift in Will has been finalised, as we would love an opportunity to thank you for your extraordinary commitment on behalf of our frontline services and communities we support. This also allows us to keep you informed of our critical work and how your gift will eventually help us expand our services.

Meet our inspiring supporters

Dr Sandra L J Johnson

I believe that this allows me to leave a legacy to support a service that I believe in and which relates directly to my chosen and beloved career, Medicine. I believe in a fair society. One’s location or position in life should not be the factor that determines whether one receives good healthcare. Every human being has the right to be cared for and to be given treatment when they are sick or injured.”

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Eric Tanner

“People who live out there face great hardships. Without the Flying Doctor providing that mantle of safety, any would simply not survive. Keeping an aircraft running is very expensive, and the Royal Flying Doctor Service needs all the help it can get with that.”

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Learn why your gift matters to our patients

Amy Manion

Amy and her husband are raising their two children on a remote station outside of Broken Hill. Farm life can be tough and is made even more difficult when living remotely. Both Amy and Nick have had accidents when tending to their goats that have required emergency retrievals. “A lot of things we do as a community are to keep this service up in the sky because with without it, we are just so much more isolated, it’s just something we can’t do without. We are really lucky to have the RFDS"

Belinda Bennet

When Belinda went for a check-up at the Flying Doctor clinic in Tilpa she knew something wasn’t right. What she did not know was how that visit would save her life. In a town of 50 residents, the RFDS Clinic that she attended discovered that she was suffering from bowel cancer. From that visit, she was able to get the specialist care and chemotherapy needed to overcome it not once, but twice. “I'm very grateful to the Flying Doctor, not only for myself and my family but for the whole outback,"

Cristina Caamano

Get to know our dedicated team members

Cristina Caamano

Prior to a significant life event, our Gift in Wills Senior Coordinator, Cristina, realised it was vitally important for her future and the wellbeing of her loved ones to ensure her affairs were in order. To hear about her Will writing experience, click here to learn more about her story.

Young girl using radio for remote learning.

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Contact details for South Eastern Gift in Wills team

Cristina Caamano
Gift in Wills Senior Coordinator
Mobile: 0448 280 193
Enquiries: 02 9941 8888
ABN: 86 000 032 422
Mailing Address: GPO Box 3537 SYDNEY NSW 2001
Office Address: Level 5, 418A Elizabeth St, SURRY HILLS NSW 2010

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