How we help

Aeromedical retrieval

Aeromedical retrieval

Our aeromedical crews evacuate injured people from emergency situations in regional, rural and remote areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Clinics in NSW and the ACT

Clinics in NSW/ACT

Our primary healthcare services give people in rural and remote areas access to health information, early intervention, prevention and screening as well as chronic disease management.

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mental health team

Mental Health in NSW/ACT

Our mental health team provides direct clinical services to people living in remote communities to improve their overall health and wellbeing.

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Dentist in the outback

Oral Health Programs in NSW

Our oral healthcare services and clinics are vital for providing rural and remote communities with access to high-quality oral and dental care.

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patient in stretcher in aircraft

Inter-hospital Transfers in NSW/ACT

Inter-hospital transfer involves the aeromedical transport of patients between hospital facilities.

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Tele-health and Medical Chest

Remote consultation service in NSW/ACT

We provide medical advice by phone all year round. Our staff prescribe medical treatment, identify further care and give first aid advice in an emergency.

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Access to mental health and alcohol and other drug services, particularly early intervention and prevention services, can be difficult in rural and remote areas where people are isolated and have to travel long distances.

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Clive Bishop Medical Centre

Clive Bishop Medical Centre Broken Hill

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Our Fleet

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We operate 17 Beechcraft King Air aircraft and seven Patient Transfer road vehicles.

Our pilots are called upon to land on anything from regular airfields to Outback airstrips, on dustpans at remote stations and occasionally on remote stretches of highway.