Graphic: COVID Vaccination NSW

New experience and new territories for RFDS

13 Oct 2021

Find out why shearing sheds, hotels and sporting grounds have played such a big role in the work of the Flying Doctor during 2021.

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first aid pack

Get your FREE First Aid infopack now

05 Oct 2021

Every day, lives are lost when people are injured and no one with them knows first aid. Knowing what to do in an emergency could save a loved one’s life.

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RFDS to launch on our screens

Launch of RFDS TV series

10 Aug 2021

RFDS depicts the passion and dedication of the Flying Doctor.

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President Alex Scamps

Message from our President

09 Aug 2021

A message from RFDSSE President Alex Scamps

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Bankstown Launch

Back to the outback from Bankstown

09 Aug 2021

New Non-Emergency Patient Transport service takes off from Bankstown.

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CEO Greg Sam

Message from our CEO

06 Aug 2021

A message from our Chief Executive Officer, Greg Sam.

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Terence Miller riding to raise money for RFDS

Terence completes the cycle

06 Aug 2021

“I had a massive, sudden, incredible pain in the back of my head. I knew that something had happened.”

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Cooper Basin Clinic

Bourke and Wills territory safe at last

06 Aug 2021

Where once there was nothing, the RFDS Cooper Basin Clinic now offers locals everything ‘from dental to mental’ health care

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COVID launch and Dubbo hangar

Outback vaccinations underway

06 Aug 2021

Government and outback communities placing trust in RFDS to quell pandemic

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