Graphic: Tamlyn soars to new heights as a Pilot for the Flying Doctor

Tamlyn soars to new heights as a Pilot for the Flying Doctor

03 Nov 2023

Tamlyn Gresser knew from a young age that she wanted to be a pilot for the Royal Flying Doctor Service so when she joined the organisation in January 2022, it was the realisation of a dream.

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Mundi Mundi Music Festival

Festival will once again rock the outback

06 Apr 2022

As one Mundi Mundi Bash comes to fruition, we are excitedly preparing for the next outback festival in just a few months’ time

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Anna holding her baby

Anna overcomes fear with Flying Doctor

06 Apr 2022

Going into labour and needing to be flown to hospital wasn’t part of the plan for a quiet weekend away.

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training, aimed to swiftly educate them on clinical information, terrains, conditions and patients they may be working with.

Newest recruits complete induction training

21 Mar 2022

Our newest doctors spent a day treating simulated patients in scenario-based exercises.

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Locations for these vaccination clinics have been widespread.

Flying Doctor continues its integral role in the national COVID vaccination rollout

14 Mar 2022

The Flying Doctor has been helping safeguard families against COVID by providing adults and children with their vaccinations.

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The Mundi Mundi Bash will be held in April and August

Mundi Mundi Bash will support the Flying Doctor

21 Feb 2022

The Mundi Mundi Bash is set to rock the outback over three jam-packed days in April 2022, and all proceeds raised from the event will be donated to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS).

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President Alex Scamps

RFDSSE President Alex Scamps Message

19 Jan 2022

The beginning of every new year brings with it the hope for a fresh beginning, a feeling of optimism that we can walk a fresh path in the year ahead, strengthened by all we have learned in the preceding year.

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RFDS SE Plane at night

Twists of fate in the corner of the state

19 Jan 2022

With broken ribs and two punctured lungs, Wayne needed the Flying Doctor fast.

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Dubbo Visitor Centre

Visitor Centres reopen to public

19 Jan 2022

The opportunity to learn more about the proud history and incredible services offered by the Royal Flying Doctor Service is available again with the doors at the Visitor Experience Centre at Dubbo and Outback Heritage Centre at Broken Hill reopened.

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