A close shave: Ash's story >

To Ash, it's the reason he's able to run an outback station.

Among the vast expanse of Mahanewo, a remote sheep station more than 400 kilometres north of Adelaide, owner and sixth-generation farmer Ash Williams set off for a day of mustering.

With an estimated 11,000 livestock across 119,000 hectares, the Mahanewo team spend long days covering all corners of the property to gather sheep ahead of shearing season every February.

Ash transported in a ute to an RFDS PC-12

On this occasion, about 25 kilometres from the station’s homestead, unforgiving dirt track sent Ash flying from his motorbike, knocking him unconscious.“It appeared I’d hit a rock and it launched me onto the ground,” Ash said.

“The next thing I remember was waking up in a daze. It took me a good 30 seconds to realise where I was and that I’d even been on a bike.

”As the adrenaline and shock waned, the pain came. Struggling for breath, he slumped under a nearby tree.

“I tried to pick the bike up and I physically couldn’t move it. At that point, I realised something wasn’t quite right,” he said.

Watch the above video for the full story.

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