Your support is helping Gulargambone to grow

Date published

22 Apr 2020

The Royal Flying Doctor Service’s “Guiding Rural Outback Wellbeing” (GROW) program encourages young Australians to live healthy lives by getting young people involved in the science and magic that goes into growing and producing the food we eat.

Gulargambone is a small town in the Western Plains of New South Wales, 382km north-west of Sydney and has a population of around 400 people. The GROW program was launched in the Gulargambone community in December last year.

Your support has brought students and the Gulargambone community together by encouraging the younger generation to set up sustainable food systems. Students at Gulargambone Central School have learned skills in Aquaculture, a way to farm aquatic organisms in both coastal and inland areas.

The group has learned how to use nutrient-dense water collected from containers used to farm Yabbies and Silver Perch to feed and water a vegetable garden.

Alcohol and Other Drugs community engagement officer Dave Honeysett says the program encourages students to look after their health as well as the health of the planet.

“As part of the project in Gulargambone, we utilised nutrient-filled water to grow native trees and plants along with fruit and vegetables which the students and local communities will enjoy.”

The principal of Gulargambone Central School, Michael Spora, says the GROW program is a hands-on way for students to practice innovation and resilience. “ Through GROW young people in our region are provided peer support, opportunities to connect with nature, a way to learn about food systems, and build a connection to the country.”

A big thank you to everyone involved, and thank you to all of our supporters who make our programs possible.