Outback Car Trek

Trek heads west for new experience

Date published

26 Apr 2023

The annual Outback Car Trek gets ready to make the 7,000-kilometre journey from Geraldton to Darwin.

Every year there is a spring in the step of those who take part in the Outback Car Trek but 2023 is taking it to another level. 

When participants set off on May 30 for this year’s journey, they will do so from Geraldton, in Western Australia, and will spend the next 12 days winding their way through 7,000 kilometres of Australia’s most unique and memorable scenery to Darwin. 

It promises to be one of the most exciting trips to date and Outback Car Trek CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) Bill Patrick said the participants are raring to go. 

“Every few years we do a big trip and given the disruption of the last few years, we thought let’s take it somewhere different and make it a real adventure,” he said.

Outback Car Trek 2022 starts

“We’re really excited to head onto roads we’ve never driven on in the 32-year history of the Trek, visit nine brand new overnight stopovers and raise money for the Flying Doctor along the way.” 

The Outback Car Trek has been an incredible fundraiser towards the Royal Flying Doctor Service for the last 32 years, raising $32.5 million. We are so grateful for the support of Bill and the dedicated teams who take part each year. Their donations benefit rural and remote communities by allowing us to provide critical health services. 

Trek destinations also enjoy a boost to the economy as approximately 250 people in 100 cars make their way into communities and support projects. 

“On an average day of the trek, we’ve worked out that about $75,000 is spent in a town or locality on food, fuel, mechanical repairs and where available, accommodation. On a Trek week, which is normally about eight days, we believe there’s about $100,000 spent by Trekkers assisting community groups through raffle ticket sales or through passing the hat around for a project for a school,” Bill said.

Aerial shot of Trek

“We have an amazing mix of personalities that makes the event so much fun. They are so generous, so gregarious and so adventuresome. It’s an absolute pleasure to be able to work with them each year to raise money for Australia’s most trusted charity. 

“It’s a great way of being in contact with people who appreciate the generosity the trek brings, who rely on the RFDS for essential medical and healthcare. We are constantly hearing stories from people who say they would be lost without the Flying Doctor.” 

If you or someone you know is interested in taking part in future Treks, Bill would be more than happy to hear from you and help get you set up to take part. 

Find out more by visiting outbackcartrek.com.au or calling Bill on 0418 626 799.