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A smile belongs on every child

Date published

06 Feb 2019

Families in remote parts of Australia have little to no access to dental care.

Children as young as five-years-old are living with daily pain from severe tooth decay and gum disease. Two out of three kids are suffering.

Lack of access to basic oral health causes widespread health concerns to families living in remote, rural and regional Australia.

Research suggests without access to basic dental care, children's lives are at risk of significant future health problems including; stroke and cardiac disease.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service's dental van travels consistently throughout the year, reaching remote towns and communities that are unable to be accessed by aircraft.

The dental van and our expertly trained staff reach families who would not otherwise get any dental care or regular treatments and check-ups.

You can help provide families with oral hygiene education to ensure they get the best possible chance at a bright future.

Your gift can ensure that all Australians have access to basic dental care.

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