Date published

16 Mar 2021

“I was scared and for the first time felt the consequences of living so remotely. Treatment was more than 400 km from my home.”

Peter was diagnosed with bowel cancer, the same disease that took his mother and grandfather. That alone is terrifying.

Yet Peter and his wife Rae lived in Lightning Ridge, hours from the nearest hospital where treatment was available.

A chronic illness diagnosis is distressing and causes uncertainty. But people living in the outback face more distress and uncertainty than most other Australians.

Outback Australians like Peter simply don’t have the same access to healthcare.

Many people in remote Australia live on stations, some are hours away from any major town. Isolation means that it is difficult to access medical treatment, so they rely on us to help when they are faced with an illness.

That is why your support is so critical to people like Peter.

Your donation can help send primary healthcare teams into more remote communities to help prevent, treat, and support them through illness.

You are making a huge difference to the lives and health of outback families. Thank you!

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible in Australia.